Thursday, August 1, 2013

Birthday Weekend!!

Hello everyone!

My birthday was last weekend (I know I know..  such a late update  haha  but we've been insanely busy here at Capistrano International Chamber Music Festival rehearsing and coaching from sun up to sun down.  literally) and the whole weekend was seriously awesome because I got to spend it with 3 of my best friends in Las Vegas and in SoCal, AND because there was a semi-surprise (it was one of those,, is he really going to take the train up just for my birthday?) appearance by my man.  =)  The weekend began with our road trip from Las Vegas to San Juan Capistrano, CA because the faculty and the young artist fellows of the Capistrano Festival had to arrive on campus to prepare for the opening concert on Sunday!

Here is the road trip group playing house in Gene's (the festival director) condo.  We made a makeshift table out of boxes and everything!  so. cute.  haha

Then, on the actual day of my birthday, David came up from San Diego to visit (awww), made me a pretty darn happy camper, and we all hit the beach to enjoy the freezing water.  Well, the boys enjoyed it, I was thrown into it against my will--something about it being my birthday...?--, and Abers... well, somehow she escaped my fate.  

selfies after one dunking session  haha 

pictures of the boys (seals? haha) frolicking in the water.

We had some really nice waves that day too!

action shot  =p

After awhile, David got out of the water to join me on my birthday beach walk  =)

Then, we buried a couple of people in the sand, and tried to bury Timmay in the sand near the waves without much success... haha
hurry before the waves come wash it away!  
After that, we came home, opened presents, and watched Skyfall  =)   the best birthday a girl could ask for, don't you think?  ;)  

These presents from David were really quite funny because it just showed how well he knows me  haha   2 books: one about President Lincoln, and the other about interior decorating and DIYing.  I opened the book Team of Rivals, and the first reaction from Tim and Michael was 'omg, that's such a thick book!  who reads these for fun?'  and Abers and David unanimously shouted, 'Janny!'   haha  I can't help myself! I'm a history nerd, and Mr. Lincoln, you are one of the most fascinating characters, sir.   The other book was a really big surprise because I had recently started following this DIY blog called Young House Love and it was the book they had published about DIYing and interior decorating!  I randomly stumbled upon their blog and fell head over heels for all of their awesome DIY ideas as well as their journey in completely remodeling not 1, not 2, but 3 houses that needed lots of lovin!!  it helps that they are a completely adorable couple  ;)  haha  I don't even own a home, but for some reason I've really gotten into interior decorating, especially with DIY things recently... is that weird? Anyway, I didn't think he knew which blogs I followed, but I suppose I did tell him  every time there was something interesting in there about interior decorating or DIYing.. haha  it's just cute that he actually listened to all of my ramblings about curtains and fabrics and such  ;) 

The next day was the day of the festival opening concert!
The Meadowlarks played the Ravel Piano Trio, and afterwards got to enjoy the Schumann Piano Quintet and the Mozart Clarinet Quintet played by the other faculty and fellows.

The larks with our groupies  =p
but seriously, Michael has seen us perform the Ravel trio 3 times in 3 different places!  We couldn't have asked for a better friend.  We love him so.

And of course, my man. =)  I'm so glad we got to see each other in the middle of our 3 month long-distance-ing.  Long-distance really is not my cup of tea (is it ever someone's cup of tea?) but seeing him in the middle of it definitely helped.  Thanks for taking the train up for my birthday dear!  <3

I hope you are enjoying your first day of August!!
Thanks for stopping by!

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