Monday, August 26, 2013

Start of... 18th Grade!!

Hello everyone!

Today was our first day of school here at Rice University!!  my 18th first day of school!!
Even though I was excited about starting this school year, I must say how I greet first day of school has changed dramatically from all other years.   I'm not sure what caused it to be so different, but this year, there was none of the I'm-so-excited-for-school nerdy purchases of new notebooks or 3 ring binders, no new purchases of clothes... 

no skipping along and going around the school taking photos like we did last year...

You know, maybe I've just grown up.. *gasp!*   nooooooo!!

naw... no, it's not that I'm grown up..  no way.  I refuse to believe it.

I think it's more that my roomy was gone for the day auditioning so I had to get ready for school all by my lonesome.  After all, once I got to school and got to see everyone, I was definitely more excited  =)

another reason for the damper on the excitement might have something to do with the fact that this year is audition year!!!  AAHHHH  I feel like I just I mean just  applied to Rice (because I did..  2 year programs are so short!) and now I'm preparing for yet another round of auditions!  ugh.  

Of course, applying to any sort of a program is stressful, but for me, applying for a music degree is especially stressful because not only do you need to fill out an application, write essays, and have good grades and what not, but also, you need to have (usually) 2 rounds of auditions!  For one of the programs, I have to record about 2 hours worth of music for the preliminary round.  That's just to see if they feel like inviting you to do the real audition!  That's so much work just to get an invitation!!!

Oh man oh man.  Sorry for the rant.  I'm just quite stressed out about this year because, man, doctoral application/audition is SOO much more intense than the Master's one that I just went through!  AND the fact that I just went through it adds to my need to rant.

Anyway, despite all of this, I am actually quite excited for this school year.  just minus the audition part.  =)
Thanks for sitting through my rant, hopefully I'll learn to deal with the stressfullness of the audition year a bit better as the inevitability of it sinks in..

Hope all of you had a wonderful Monday!

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