Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Capistrano and road trip to San Fran!

Hello everyone!

We're in San Francisco!!!!!!!   It was quite an interesting trip from LA to San Fran that consisted of a random gorilla in the back seat, broken Amtrak train, missed bus from LA to San Fran, a rental car reservation at a closed rental car place, a rental car place that ran out of cars... 

but in the end, we finally got a rental car and had a wonderful road trip up to the good old San Fran!
the sunset that greeted us as we drove up the golden state!

Anyway, before I share the San Fran photos, I wanted to share some photos from the Capistrano Music Festival!  What an intense, but incredible week of music making with some amazing people!!

with some of the students  =)

And our Debussy quartet with Professor Yoko Matsuda!

With Yoko Matsuda and Bill Fitzpatrick  =)  Such incredible people, teachers, mentors. so blessed to have had a chance to work with these two!

The festival was also full of adorableness in the form of the director's son, Arthur.  

You see what I mean?!  too much cute in one place!
For some reason though, Arthur would never let me hold him, =( but on the last day of the festival, he actually wanted to come to me!!  definitely made me a happy camper  =p    ahhh he's so adorable!

It was also an awesome week because I got to hold and play a Stradivarius!!  for the first time in my life!!!  AAHHH  XD  is this for realz?   my Stradivarius cherry has officially been popped!

What an awesome week of music making with incredible people!  in one short week, I got to play Ravel Trio, Debussy Quartet, Ravel Quartet, Brahms Piano Quintet, and Mendelssohn Octet!!

with fellow fellows, the Triggs   =)

With the two professors!

It was such a wonderful experience, and I hope we get to see and work with all of them again soon!
Thanks for stopping by!

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