Thursday, July 11, 2013

loving life

just a quick post. just because I am so filled with thankfulness and joy.  i get to do what i love most (music) with the bestest friends anyone could ever ask for (timmay and abers), we get to travel all over and get to spend time in this beautiful city called Bozeman, MT right now, and on top of that, we get to meet amazing people along the way.

tonight i heard some incredible music played by world class performers thanks to generosity of one man who provided 4(!) free tickets so that our trio and our mascot heather (abers' sister) could enjoy this concert.  then, condoleeza rice came into the hall and sat by us. yes, THE condoleeza rice!  then we got to speak with her about chamber music. i mean, i can't think of a more perfect way to spend an evening.  after the concert, we met with most of the performers who also happened to be such sincere and charming human beings, and from there we got to schedule coachings with two of them!  then, we met the artistic director AND the president of the society who were very interested in our trio. i mean, i just cannot even believe this happened. is this for real?  can we really be so blessed?   so. SO thankful.  so blessed.

thank you, lord, for everything.  because you have showered blessings upon blessings on me, and i really cannot thank you enough.  

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