Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bozeman and Donuts!

Hello everyone!

I am finally in Bozeman, MT!!!   And the Meadowlarks are reunited!!!
Today's been full of rehearsing, doing yoga, making new friends, cooking, attending an impromptu guitar recital,,,  so quite a full first day!  You can read more about our day over on our trio blog.  =)

Anyway, I'm not usually a donuts fan, but we visited Granny's donuts today, and man..  where have you been all my life Granny's Donuts?!  It's run by these two amazing guys (I don't have any pictures of them unfortunately, but they were so nice!!) in a small shack full of vintagy decorations, and it's seriously so. so. good!

My coffee cream donut!  oh my gosh.  this little thing was just...  mm mm mmmmm

Timmay, Abers, Heather, and I got a bunch to share.  A couple of my favorites were maple pecan, Boston cream, the coffee one of course, and the chocolate glaze!

we're the happiest when we're eating  haha

And then, because the owners were so awesome, they brought out this rarely seen delicacy--Maple Smoked Pulled Pork Donut--for us to try!!!  It may sound odd, but man!  this thing. this was so good

we split it among the four of us, and all of us were just blown away by the incredibly exotic blend of the maple syrup flavored donut with the smoky pulled pork.  So. Good.  We asked them to name one of their specialty donuts after our trio, and they said that they would, so you never know, you maybe seeing 'The Meadowlark Donut' there sometime soon  ;)

The rest of the day was spent rehearsing, cooking, yoga-ing, and pursuing other meadowlark related larkings  =)  we actually made a video so here ya go! you can take a look into our day if you are so inclined  ;)  haha

I hope you all had a wonderful day today, and thanks for stopping by!

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