Monday, July 22, 2013

Crazy Days Sale in Bozeman!

Hello everyone!

It's been sooo crazy around here as we got ready to perform our monster of a program.  Our program included the Beethoven 'Ghost' Piano Trio, the Ravel Piano Trio, and the Shostakovich Piano Trio #2.  It was so tiring, but incredibly rewarding.  

This is how we looked after our performance  haha

Anyway, we are so glad that we got to share the experience with one another and also with the Bozeman community that came out to hear us perform  =)

Though most of our days were filled with rehearsing and getting ready for the concert, we did manage to fit in some fun things here and there, like checking out the 'Crazy Days Sale' right here in Bozeman downtown with Heather and Karissa!
The 'Crazy Days Sale' is exactly what it sounds like!  Crazy days of epic sales!  everything was about 50% off, and all of the stores had brought out their stuff to the sidewalk!  Can we say 'shopaholic's heaven' much? Except of course that it was much cooler than that because it's Bozeman.  so everything is just that much more 'hip' and 'cool'.  haha  can you tell that I absolutely love this place?

Anyway, enough chit chat =)  Here are some photos from the day!
Starting off with this funky bike.

And this really cool antiques store..

I really, really wanted the quill pen pictured below.  It really spoke to the inner romantic in me I think  haha

And it had these awesome handmade chairs sitting out on the sidewalk!   I'm such a sucker for real hardwood chairs, especially if they are handmade and has character. like these guys.

Since they had exactly 5, we had to sit on them as a group and take a photo  ahaha

like I said,,,  crazy sales happening..

More knick knacks..  we thought the frame with the Asian models was pretty hilarious since we felt like the 5 of us represented the majority of the Asian population of Bozeman right there on the sidewalk.

And then we met this awesome lady from Chile who invited us to go salsa dancing!  Here's Tim teaching Abers how to move her hips  haha

Giant bubbles.  who can resist?

And finally, perhaps the REAL reason I love Bozeman so much...
So many adorable pups running around!  I mean look at them!  don't they just melt your heart?

Sigh...  so adorable...
So I leave you with these cuddlies!  Hope you have a fantastic rest of the week!

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