Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Birthday to my baby brother!!

Hello everyone!

Today is my baby brother's birthday!

Well, he's not so baby anymore,,,
in fact, he's turning 19 today,
and he's grown quite a bit from the little baby brother I used to drag around everywhere I went  =)

He's grown up to be quite the guy;
being so passionate about everything he's involved in,
always taking on the challenges head on, and never giving up,
always being so caring and willing to help out his friends
-whether it's with academics, dancing, or anything else-
and even when he's going through that 'I'm a teenager, and I'm so cool phase',
still retaining that tender heartedness that he's always had since he was just a baby.

I'm so proud of you lil bro!
And though you'll get older, and inevitably change,
I hope that your heart never changes  =)

And even though he's grown up to be much bigger than I am now,
you know what they say;
he'll always be my baby brother   ;)

I hope you have a wonderful day lil bro!
Good luck on your midterms!
(poor guy, midterms on his birthday...)
I can't wait to see you soon!
Big Sis.

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