Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello everyone!

Happy Valentine's Day from the Blueberries Apartment!
We had a little adventure at Target's 'Valentopia' awhile ago,
and there, we found our true loves--stuffed version.

You know, just the normal roomy bonding stuff   ;)   haha

We also visited the farmer's market yesterday, 
and there Amulet fell in love with the Red Velvet Macaroons!
I've only tried Macaroons once in my life, and.. well, it was kind of like eating pure sugar...
I think I was a bit scarred by that experience, so I passed on the macaroons this time.
But they were quite cute!  and in a heart shape too!
And Amulet assured me that they were quite delicious.

As for the Valentine's Day 'date',
that's not happening until Sunday for us.
(Oh the 'harsh'--but we secretly love it--realities of grad student life...)
He is busy with sciencey things trying to do awesome things with the green flashing E. Coli,
and I've spent the day preparing for my lesson, 
then losing track of time in the music library.
(you know, because libraries are like time black holes.  Once you go in it, time just disappears!)
--Nerd moment--

he had a 'you've got mail' moment waiting for him when he went into lab this morning,

And I had a surprise waiting for me when I went to put my violin in my locker after my lesson.
Best post-lesson therapy ever?   
yes!  =D

It's still a mystery to me how my locker combination has been compromised so easily,
but I suppose it's ok when the result included cute animals and yummy chocolates  ;)

I hope all of your Valentine's Day was wonderful!!

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