Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wicked Divas

Hello everyone!

Saturday night, Karen, Tim, David and I had a blast attending the Houston Symphony's pops concert,
the Wicked Divas!

Last time I attended a Houston Symphony concert,
it took about half an hour to find parking, our party had to split up the duties of finding a parking spot and acquiring tickets, then got lost getting back together, then got reunited at the Jones Hall with only minutes remaining before the beginning of the concert, then had to eat dinner in 10 minutes during the intermission...

This time, however, it was completely different;
We got there an hour and a half before the concert, had no problem finding parking, had a reservation at a really great restaurant in the Lancaster Hotel, and then leisurely walked over to watch the concert after our meal.
Thank you for planning Karen, you planning genius, you!  ;)

After we arrived at the restaurant, Karen and I had a mini adventure around the Lancaster Hotel on our quest to find the Ladies room...  
We had to go up a flight of stairs and basically tour the whole 2nd floor to get to it!
but it was such an interesting hotel (historic!) with so much character that we didn't mind it at all.

Taking the 'bathroom mirror picture'.    And a bit of history of the hotel in snapshots.


When it comes to food, I'll eat just about anything--
when you are not the most talented cook, you learn to eat many interesting... concoctions.
However, even my non-connoisseur taste buds could really appreciate how wonderful our meal was at the restaurant.
(yay for friends who know what they are doing when it comes to choosing restaurants!) 
Among the four of us, we had crab cakes, lamb, risotto, and scallops,
which were all so beautifully laid out, 
and it was really fun getting to try a little bit of everything  =)

After our meal, since we didn't have to be rushing to the performance,
we decided to enjoy being in the beautiful hotel a little longer,
and use it as the backdrop for our group photo.

Have you noticed that if you are a musician, you hardly ever attend a pops concert?
I mean, I've attended so many symphony concerts, but this was my very first time attending a pops concert!
Why is that?  hmm.. 
my musi friends never suggested going, and I guess I had never really thought about going either..  
so strange..
so, thank you my dancing friends for suggesting this night!!  lol
(we're all part of the Rice Ballroom Formation Team)

speaking of dancing, at one point I turned around to find David dancing  =)
In that way musicians and dancers are very similar, right?
we can just never stop doing what we do.  anywhere, anytime!  ;)

The concert itself was very enjoyable.
I thought the Houston Symphony did a wonderful job, 
the conductor was funny, and really good with the audience,
and of course, the two divas were also quite humorous, and really great at what they do!

One of my favorites was 'All That Jazz' from the musical Chicago that they sang together,
mainly because that was the song for our ballroom routine this semester!!
I think all of us were subtly (some of us perhaps not so subtly) going over a miniaturized version of our routine in our seats the whole time they were singing.  
like I said, we can't help it...  we dance anywhere, anytime  haha

I also really loved the songs from the musical Wicked because,, 
well, at one point in my life, I could have probably recited the whole musical to you 
along with Linda and Emily  ;)
It was really awesome hearing them belting it out live though,
and I really would love to see the musical!
Hopefully that will get to happen sometime in near future,, 
like when they come to Houston next year??  =D

It was such a fun night--great show, great company--and I hope we do it again soon!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you had a great weekend as well!

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