Sunday, June 21, 2015

Acadia National Park :: Hiking

Hello everyone!

Whenever I see this photo, I feel like I can breathe in the fresh, crisp, mountain air through the picture.  ahhhh...  

Hiking does a soul good  =) and we did plenty of it while we were at Acadia National Park!

We hike quite a bit around the Seattle area, but hiking here was a totally different experience.
Firstly, the vegetation was quite different, and it was fascinating to see such different species while hiking.

Also, the hike here was much rockier than the hikes I used to do in Seattle.

During one of the hikes (Beech Cliff Trail), we had to climb this rock face.

I'm not kidding..  we climbed this rock face. 

I was a little shocked at first when I saw that the 'trail' was a ladder -seemingly- precariously fastened to the cliff, but once David started up the ladder, I didn't have much of a choice but to climb as well haha

the 'trails' here consisted of ladders, boulders, and rocky staircases.  Sometimes, it was kind of scary, but looking back, it was really fun! 

at the top!

Look at this view guys...  

there's Echo Lake!

At the top, there was a trail looping around the whole top section of the cliff, which was pretty incredible to hike.  A 360 degree viewing experience!

The pictures just don't do the scenery justice, and we hardly even scratched the surface of the hiking trails there, but I hope you can still kind of see just how beautiful the hikes are in Acadia  =)

We finished the hike at the Echo Lake, which is one of the very few lakes (maybe the only?) where you can swim in Acadia.  Swimming would have been the perfect end to the hike, but the water was around 40 degrees, so we decided that we weren't actually that into swimming  haha

We had such a great time hiking around and exploring a little bit of the trails at Acadia, and we can't wait to go back sometime soon!!  =)

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