Thursday, June 25, 2015

Acadia National Park :: Biking

Hello everyone!

On our last full day at Acadia National Park, we decided to explore a little of their 'carriage roads' system!  The carriage roads connect all different parts of the park, and it's delightfully automobiles free.  It was constructed by one of the founders for his personal use, and then 'donated' to the park so that other people could enjoy carriage rides on them.  Today,  many people choose to bike or walk on the trails, though horses and carriages are still welcome!

I've only recently gotten into biking, thanks to David, and it was a pretty spectacular 'first ride'.  I mean, look at this view.  This is just one example of what we were seeing as we were riding around the park.

There were quite a few uphill battles (we were climbing a mountain, after all), but these views made the trek worthwhile.

gotta stay hydrated when you're biking!  ;)

The weather really couldn't have been more perfect: It was just slightly warm when we were riding uphill, but we cooled right off when we were speeding downhill.  

The uphills were actually pretty challenging, and I couldn't get out of the bed the next day, but it was doable... with many miles of walking the bike instead of actually riding it...  =p  haha

mmm look at those sexy sandals!  I'm already on my second pair, and they are my favorites for any outdoor adventures! now I have David hooked on them as well! =) perfect for any summer hiking, biking, frolickings in the water, etc.

We had a map when we first started on this adventure, but somewhere along the uphill struggle and the downhill speedyness, it got lost...

Thankfully, every fork in the road had these little sign posts, so when we got lost, we could sort of find our way back to where we had originally aimed to go   haha  

We biked for about... 5 hours, so somewhere in the middle of that, we stopped to have some lunch.
Look at our picnic site!  Better than any restaurant, am I right?

After lunch, we rode around a little more, taking a few more photos... 
I mean, everywhere you went in this park, you saw such stunning views!

I would have never gotten a bike in Boston because sadly, I have seen so many bikers get hit by cars during my one year of living there. However, I'm glad David convinced me otherwise.  I may not ride as much in the city, but I loved riding it on the carriage roads at Acadia National Park, and I hope we get to do it more in the future!  =)

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

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