Thursday, March 27, 2014

Rice Ballroom Team Match!

Hello everyone!

Last weekend was Rice Ballroom Team's Team Match, and though David and I didn't compete, we still went to go cheer on our team members and to perform at the showcase!  I think there were 4 different teams from different schools, so it was fun to see so many other collegiate level dancers.  It was also really fun because it was a much more casual event than, say Dances with Owls (Rice's annual competition) or the Austin Open which will be happening next weekend--there were people in crazy costumes (pirates, boas, etc) and many fun dances, so it was good to go laugh, socialize, and cheer on the team.  =)

so here are some pictures of the Rice team during the Latin rounds

Oh yes, Rice represent!

and here are some photos during one of the fun dances.  This was the 'Paso Doble with a real bull' dance  =p
Schubert was trying to lure the bull in with red balloons because, you know, something about the color 'red' pushes the bull's buttons apparently. but his bull, Emily, was not really intimidated by it or aggravated by it..  she was mostly entertained by it I think  haha

Schubert the matador, and Emily the bull who could only laugh at him instead of charging him  ;)

Then, we had a dinner break, and we got to have a wonderful double date with Satoko and Tyler at Collina's!
Aww so cute!  =D

David and I usually don't eat out very often, so our knowledge of Houston eateries is pretty limited..  so it's really nice when our friends recommend restaurants to try out!  =)

Collina's is a cute little pizza place with amazing pizzas (I mean, just look at them!  drool....) and it's also BYOB!  We would highly recommend it for your pizza fixes, and we will definitely be going back!  =)

After having thoroughly enjoyed our dinner, we hurried ourselves back to Rice so we could perform during the showcase portion.  True to our fashion, we got there at 8 for the show that was supposed to start at 8.. (we're always cutting things extremely close... something about a musician/scientist mix means that David and I are never, EVER, on time... le sigh..)  but thankfully, the showcase started later, and we were towards the middle, so we had just enough time to get changed.   

I will link the videos of the routines down below, but here are some stills from it  =)

So the one thing about being late and only having barely enough time to change into your costume is that you don't get to warm up...  I didn't think it would be a big deal, but towards the end of our routine, my butt muscles cramped up, and I seriously thought I would have to limp off of the stage! Thankfully, it happened during the very last section, and all I had to do was walk around with David and sit on a chair, and David said he didn't even notice, but man,,,  I'm definitely warming up next time we dance!   haha

can you tell in the photo below that my right gluteous maximus muscle is screaming?  haha

and, the end to a very interesting Rumba experience for me.. XD

After that was Rice Formation Team performance, which we thought was really awesome!  

and their final pose!!  Great job everyone!

There were also some performances from UT Austin and U of Houston dancers, but I didn't get to take many pictures of them because most of them went before we did.  However, here is one U of H couple doing Paso Doble!

a couple shots with the boy =)

now, here are the videos of our rumba and the formation team performance!  Sorry about the poor quality on ours, but sometimes things just happen this way. 
Thanks Elliott for filming!

It was such a fun event, and I can't wait for Austin Open competition next weekend!  =)
Hope you are all having a fantastic week so far and thanks for stopping by!

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