Friday, September 13, 2013

파전:: Korean Seafood Pancake!! 3 ingredients(+water) version.

Hello everyone!

Happy Friday!!!!  I am oh SO glad the weekend is here!!  Yesterday I had a marathon of coachings and lessons, so this was very much needed.  This 'break' is going to be a pretty short lived one though because I have another lesson on Monday *whimper whimper* but I'm just not going to think about that right now  haha

Anyway, today I thought I would bring you a very much so requested recipe!
We don't go out to eat very much, but one of our favorite places to go in Houston for Korean food is Tofu Village!  We've gone there for our triple date, to celebrate the completion of my recital, etc etc.  It's actually also the first place David and I went out to eat together!  haha

Anyway, they have this dish there called 'Korean Seafood Pancake' and we just cannot get enough of it.  It is just so good!!  I think every person (including non-Asian picky eaters like Amulet  =p) who has tried it as loved it.  
So when I was home this summer I asked Mom to teach me, and much to my delight, it was incredibly easy to make!!!  Of course you can get really fancy with it, and my friend Miran has recently informed me that it's really good with zucchini in it too!  I have never tried that before, but you know it's going to happen soon  haha.  So there can be a lot of variations, and I suppose if you were really starting from scratch (rice flour and all that jazz) it would be a bit more difficult, but I'm here to share with you the BASIC, college-student-friendly recipe that anyone can make!

So, here is the 3 ingredients + water version of 파전!

Ingredients  (makes 2-3 big pancakes)
1 cup Korean pancake mix
1.5 cup chopped squid (if you get the already chopped and frozen kind, it's really easy)
1.5 bunches of green onions
a little less than 1 cup water
1 jalapeno pepper optional

Korean pancake mix looks something like this, and you can find it at your local Asian store like H Mart.

The squid can either be in its full form, in which case you have to cut it up into little rings and bite sized bits, or you can just buy the frozen kind that's already prepared for you, like this one below!

Now let's get to cooking!!
First cut up your green onions and squid rings into 2 inch long sections.  We just cut the squid rings in half and called it good.

Now, if you have a little jalapeno or chili pepper growing in your garden, then feel free to cut that up and add that as well for a little 'zing' if you'd like   ;)

Now, measure out a cup of the mix and mix it well with a little less than a cup of water.  You can definitely just do this by hand,,, I just got lazy and brought out the electric mixer  haha
Once your mixture is lump free, dump your prepared green onions, squid, and peppers (optional) and mix until the fresh ingredients are well coated.

Now, oil your frying pan, set the fire on low, and start cooking your pancakes!

you don't want the pancake to be too thick, so make sure you spread out the mixture well in the pan.  Once they start cooking, 

now. patience, grasshopper.  the pancakes should take about 5-6 minutes to cook on each side, and don't jump the gun!  otherwise you may have a pancake that's falling apart, or even worse, not crispy!   I absolutely love it when these are crispy on the outside  ;)   You should be able to tell when to flip because the top sections should start to look like they are becoming cooked as well. 

 They should be wonderfully golden when they are ready on the side, kind of like this

and once you've got them to be like that, pat them down with your spatula so the that the pancake gets thinner, and the inside portions also get cooked along with the other side!

and that's it!!

try putting the root parts of your green onions in a jar of water, or plant them in soil so that you can make the pancakes again from your own 'garden'  ;)

 Happy cooking, and thanks for stopping by!!!

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