Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Nizuc Resort and Spa

Hello everyone!

We spent a couple of days at Nizuc in Cancun for D&D's wedding, and all I gotta say is, D&D have impeccable taste when it comes to picking their  hotel!  =D  
Our stay was amazing. We had so much fun, and definitely left wishing we had spent more time at the resort.  So let me show you around a bit!

David and I really liked the fact that Nizuc was so private.  Most of the other hotels open right onto the main road, and especially when you get a bit north on the '7' the hotels tend to be really crowded together.  Nizuc is tucked away all by its lonesome in the lower corner of the '7' behind a giant wall, and that makes the whole resort really quiet and peaceful. 

The front gate is pretty far from everything else (actually, the whole resort is pretty spread out), so everywhere you go, you get shuttled around in golf carts.  Anyway, this was the first view that greeted us when we got to the lobby to check in.

hello, gorgeous!!

After checking in, we were given a very thorough tour of the resort by their amazing staff, and then we hopped onto a golf cart to head to our room.  The staff at Nizuc are by far the most attentive and friendly I have ever experienced.  They were very courteous, yet were also able to joke, laugh, and have a friendly conversation with us which put us at ease right away. 

They were  going to give us a tour of our room as well, but we figured that would be unnecessary, so we were left to explore our room ourselves.  My favorite part of the room!

And this was the close second  haha  

I think the staff really try to call the guests by name so everywhere we went, or whenever we called them, we were greeted with "Welcome, Mr. and Mrs. ___", which made us laugh.  Not yet, Nizuc, not yet. After the first few times though, we gave up correcting them and just rolled with it..  haha

After unpacking, we went to go explore Nizuc's 3 different pools and its private beach!

We kept wrestling with the time difference (even though it was only 2 hours, and then later, 1 hour different) and was up at the crack of dawn every morning   haha.  but it wasn't too bad I guess since we had this gigantic pool to ourselves in the mornings!

David got me a GoPro as our anniversary present, so we decided to give it a whirl during our time in Cancun. My computer doesn't have a video editing software, so I will have to do some video editing later, but here are a few of the photos of our mermaid(man) experience courtesy of the GoPro!

Cancun has the strangest weather.. It would be sunny one minute, then cold, cloudy and stormy-esq another... so we left our mermaid selves behind to dry off, and warm up a bit in the intermittent sunshine! 

ahh man.. I could have stayed in this gazebo/bed/lounge chair thing all day...

chillin at the private beach...

We were feeling rather chilly after our beach/pool excursion, but we had some amazing Mexican hot chocolate to warm us up when we got back, so all was well in the end!  =)

If you are ever going to be in Cancun, we highly recommend staying at Nizuc!  and actually spend some time there...  That's the one thing David and I wished we had done more. We were so busy exploring the outer world that we didn't actually get to stay inside Nizuc very much, but next time, we plan on exploring the resort more because there's plenty to do within the resort and spa! =)

We don't completely regret leaving the resort though because Cancun is a beautiful place with lots to do, so stay tuned for more of our Cancun adventures to come!
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

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