Monday, August 18, 2014

Pike Place Eats

Hello everyone!

I was going through the drafts of my blogposts, and found 2 Seattle blogposts that somehow got lost along the way!  I think what happened was that it got pushed aside in all the excitement about the Korea/Taiwan posts.. oops haha

so I thought I would do a little belated Seattle blogpost part 1 today!  It's actually kind of nice finding it in this way because it brings back so many wonderful memories  =) 

We left on our epic Asian adventures from Seattle, so David and I had a few days to explore Seattle.  It's not David's first time in Seattle, (first time blogged here) and we've been to Pike Place Market before, but  I can never resist the place.  Every time I come home, I come here at least once, and still, it never gets old!

We did visit a restaurant I've never been to while we were there though!  the Pike Place Chowder! It's in a little alleyway called the Post Alley, and its claim to fame is its award winning chowder, apparently the best in Seattle!

so of couse, we had to go try some!  We had to stand in line for quite awhile (but we went at an odd hour, so the line wasn't as long!) but we put the time to good use perusing their menu, people watching, marveling at all of their chowder awards, and just generally enjoying the Pike Place vibe.  the vibe, it's a real thing, people!  Pike Place really does have its own unique, upbeat feel to it  ;)

The wait passed by quite quickly, and soon we were sitting at a little corner table with some lobster rolls and the clam chowder!

and you know what?  it was the most perfect mid-afternoon snack on a rather chilly Seattle summer day  ;)

By the time we had licked the bowl clean, we felt sufficiently warmed enough to venture out into the world once more.  Our next food destination?  Piroshky Piroshky!  

I mean, are words really necessary...?

I honestly can't remember what we got, but I look pretty happy about it, whatever it was haha

mmm such an attractive action shot of me eating haha

I do remember the pastry being quite greesy though, so I think we had to go on a compulsory walk afterwards/during  haha.  I feel like it's such a Seattle thing to be walking around with amazing food in hand, while perusing all of the eclectic and beautiufl mix of things at the Pike Place Market, right?

Seattle is still one of my favorite cities in the world, and I hope to be able to live there one day  =)  In the meantime, I'll be beginning my Boston adventures soon and I can't wait!  

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have a wonderful week!

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