Sunday, May 25, 2014

Niece & Nephew photo album

Hello everyone!

I got to meet my cousin's twin children (so I consider them my niece and nephew) for the first time, and oh. my. lord.  They are so freakin adorable!!!!  I wish I lived in Korea so I could see them more often, especially since they are at such a fun age, but for now pictures will have to do..  beware, this post is going to be incredibly picture heavy. so if you don't want to see pictures of cutest little twin toddlers (boy and a girl), you may just want to stop reading ;)

So we began the day at my grandma's apartment with some snacks, and man, these littles love string cheese!  haha.   Between the two of them, they had 4 or 5 sticks!  Don't worry, we also fed them some fruit, so they weren't just eating cheese  haha

They are so curious, and after they had their full, they started walking around the house getting into anything and everything with a piece of string cheese in hand.  Though they are twins, they are fraternal, and it was really interesting to see their personalities developing so differently even at such a young age.  For example, the my niece was so interested in seeing herself in the mirror while my nephew had no interest, and the girl is much more outgoing and adventurous while the boy is more shy and cautious around new things.  

They are so entertaining to watch, so we had a good time laughing at their antics and just enjoying each other's company for a bit until the children got a little stir-crazy. 

When they got bored running around the apartment, David and I took them out for a 'walk' in the hallway while the rest of the family stayed a bit longer to talk.

So here's my cute-as-a-button nephew!

and here's my niece who reminds everyone of me when I was a toddler  haha

We walked up and down the hall so many times that I can't remember how many laps we did, but every time, the kids seemed to find something new and interesting. 

The apartment is pretty high up, so when they found a little crack in the wall, my niece was super curious and ran over to look and didn't seem to be phased by the height. However, my nephew was really cautious about approaching it at first  haha

Though once he got close to it, he seemed pretty interested in whatever was out there  =p

They also met a little neighbor friend, and it was too much to handle for a bit there while the three of them were together!  cuteness overload!!

After we said goodbye to the little friend, we went to go eat some lunch

and took a group photo along the way haha

Our lunch was Shabu-Shabu, which is basically a hot pot, but I honestly can't remember what it tasted like..  something about two littles running around and trying to feed them while they run around makes it difficult to concentrate  haha

Aaannndddd!!  We found David's kindred spirit in his closed-eyedness in photos!

too cute!

After lunch, we took the littles for a walk at a nearby university.

there were soo many steps, but they did surprisingly well!

can't even handle this cuteness!!

I don't know what it is about water, but the kids seem to be drawn to it, so we let them in the fountain for a bit.

They wanted to go in so badly, but once we put them in there, they didn't move from the spot we put them in!  They didn't even move when older kids came around to poke them and play with them  haha

After standing frozen in the spot for a bit, we pulled them out to head home.

Our walk back was also full of adventures for the littles.  Ants and Pigeons.  Can't get more fascinating than that!  ;)

introducing,,, my nephew, aka simba!  =p

It was such a fun day, and I hope we can see them again soon!!!

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