Thursday, May 22, 2014

Last 2 Days in Houston

Hello everyone!

I can't believe it's been almost a week since I graduated!  Since then, David and I have been jet-setting around the globe (well only half the globe to be exact  haha), but I wanted to take the time to share our last 2 days in Houston!

Since we had to attend commencement ceremonies both mornings, and then we flew out of Houston in the afternoon of the second day, we didn't really have much time, but we managed a trip to the Houston Zoo (getting use out of the Rice student ID one last time!) and tried 2 different restaurants that I wish I had tried earlier, so if you want to see/read more about them, keep on scrolling!

I had been the the Houston Zoo once before, but it was nice to take a stroll around with daddy on a gorgeous day.  Besides, these two bears kept us entertained for good 15 minutes at the zoo chasing each other and generally being their adorable, playful selves.

and look at this cute little bum getting stuck trying to climb over the ledge!  haha!  They were just the cutest things.

After we tore our eyes away from the bears, we wandered around the zoo chatting and enjoying each other's company until we came upon the giraffe feeding station.  I had so much fun last time feeding them, and I knew dad would enjoy them, so we bought ourselves some lettuce and climbed up to the feeding station.

Giraffes, in my mind, are such exotic creatures, and getting to feed them was so much fun!  They were very enthusiastic about the lettuce, and often we had more than one giraffe tongue reaching out for the leaf in our hands.  I have to say, they have possibly the longest tongue I have ever seen on an animal!  haha

aww they were crossed with us for not giving them any more lettuce..    ooh see what I did there?  =p  i crack myself up sometimes ahaha

ok, enough of that.. haha we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the zoo, and turned our attention to our growling tummies.

We chose to try Cafe Brasil because for 2 years of my stay at Rice, I've heard my friends raving about the place, but for some reason, I had never been!  they have a beautiful patio surrounded by oak trees, and since it was such a gorgeous day, we decided to sit out there and order their Poblano Burger and the Chicken Verde pizza.

The burger was quite good, but the pizza really stole the show for me!  The pizza takes a bit longer to come out, but let me tell you what.. it's totally worth the wait!  You drizzle the lemon slice on top of the bed of arugula, and dig into the creamy, delicious, garlicky goodness!  really soo soooo good.  If you are still in Houston, or are planning to visit, you should definitely go give this place a try!  =)

Later that evening, we went to Goode BBQ so dad could have the full Texas experience, and after stuffing ourselves with so much meat, we celebrated the boy's birthday! so many candles!  such an old man!  ;)  but my family still thinks he looks 18  haha

For our last meal in Houston, we went to Benjy's.  We tried to go there for our first date, but because we didn't have a reservation, that didn't end up happening.  So this time around, we made a reservation, and I'm so glad that we could eat there before I left Houston! 
The decor inside is a really interesting mix of modern and antique feel, and the atmosphere was very laid back and comfortable.  We ordered three very different dishes-- shrimp and grits, salmon salad, and chicken and waffles--and all of them were really spot on!

oh chicken and waffles. I always thought that was an odd mix, but ever since I first tried it at 1 am on that fateful night, I've been hooked.  It is the quintessential southern meal in my mind, and it will always make me think of my time in Houston and Rice every time I have it I'm sure  =)

What a great way to close the Houston/Rice chapter of my life!  It has really been a wonderful time in my life, and I will always think back on this time very fondly.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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