Friday, October 30, 2015

Bunker Hill Monument

Hello everyone!

Awhile back, we had a full house full of boys when David's brothers Jack and Jason came to visit.  In my family, I am the only girl surrounded by my baby bro and my baby cuz, and I realized during this weekend that when David and my family comes together, I will still be the only girl, even more outnumbered by boys!  Le sigh...  haha

Anyway, before gorging ourselves on hotpot, we went for a bit of an unintentional exercise to the Bunker Hill Monument. 'Unintentional' because initially, we just wanted a historical outing, not an exercise one,,, but have you climbed this thing?

We visited the museum, spent some time learning about the Revolutionary War history surrounding this landmark, and then started the long climb.  
guys. it was 294 steps.  Oh. my word.  
It might not have been so bad if we had climbed slower, but I went with three very fit boys, and I wanted to keep up with their pace, ya know?  I wasn't going to be the reason everyone had to slow down, so I kept pushing through the screaming thigh muscles.
I guess one good thing about going quicker is that the climb is over much sooner?  that's about it though..  haha

After spending a few moments at the top to catch our breaths, and to enjoy the view that can only be seen by being higher than anything else for miles, we started the climb down.  That was much easier haha

It was so much fun having them here, and I hope they will get to visit us more often!  =)
Have a safe and fun Halloween everyone, and thanks for stopping by!

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