Monday, October 5, 2015

Boston Food Festival and Legal Seafood

Hello everyone!

Boston has gotten quite chilly recently, so I thought it would be fun to look back to only a week or two ago when the weather was quite balmy.

It's so hard these days to find time to do anything but work.  I'm rehearsing and playing with 3-4 orchestra at any given moment, and teaching BU undergraduate classes and a few of my private students.  Not to mention the fact that I still have my own school work to do!  And David's working on multiple projects all at once, trying to publish papers and presenting at different conferences around the country.  

But we think it's very important to still continue to go on dates, and do 'couple'y things with each other, so we have been trying to carve out a few hours for that every week.  And of course, whenever we have any free time, our favorite things to do together involve eating food.  and dance. But today's post is food oriented  =)

There was a food festival going on in Boston a few weekends ago, so we decided to check it out and enjoy what was to be one of the last really warm days in Boston!

The weather was absolutely glorious!

and you already know my love of farmer's market-esq settings  =)

I never thought of tomatoes as particularly delicious, but I'm always happy when things change my mind!  and these were absolutely delicious!  =D

my date =)

and what seemed like all of Boston out to enjoy the weather!

Jerk chicken!

I kinda wanted to go on this, but decided that I will just wait until I have lil bebes like the rest of the folks there haha

and because we tend to eat mostly Korean foods at home, we thought we would indulge David's side of the culture here ;)
green onion pancakes filled with pork belly!

mmm! Boston's never ending supply of fresh seafood!

and kids enjoying the fountain.  They were having so much fun, and their laughter was contagious!  It didn't succeed in getting us to go into the water ourselves, but we did spend quite awhile just watching them play  =)

Enjoying the last wear out of this sundress before I pack it away until next summer!

To continue with the fresh seafood theme, we visited Legal Seafood for a date one evening!
We had never been, and we were told that it was a must!

We ended up getting the New England Clam Chowder, crab cakes, and the seafood platter full of lobster, clams, and mussels!

haha, hi there Mr. Lobster.   Definitely David's handywork  ;)

It was pretty good, and the seafood was fresh.  The atmosphere wasn't anything special, but if you are just after basic, fresh seafood, this would be a good place to visit!

Even though there's laundry to be done, our floor hasn't been swept or mopped in more than a week, and of course, there's always practicing to be done, it has been quite therapeutic to just sit here after finishing grading and doing my own homework to do some 'journaling' on my little corner of the interweb =)

Thanks for stopping by to catch up on our lives, and have a wonderful day!

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