Sunday, February 15, 2015

happy birthday baby bro!

Hello everyone!

Today, my baby bro turns 21!
I can't believe it.
this little bebe, who spent his childhood getting squished by yours truly...  is now an adult!

long gone are the days that I could boss him around physically like this, as he is now twice as big as I am...
but I'll always have the memories of this tiny babe who always let me convince him to go along with many different crazy ideas of mine throughout our childhood. the baby brother who always committed himself completely to everything he set his mind to, even the crazy ideas of his big (sometimes reckless) sister.  

so, have a great day, favorite brother of mine!  
though we are living in opposite sides of the country now, I hope that when we 'grow up', we'll get to live close by with our families  =)

and remember, no matter how many people think you are a hunk of a human male specimen now, you will always and forever remain this little cutie pie to me  ;)  =p

soo much love!  
--big sis

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