Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Essential Oils Spotlight :: ClaryCalm

Hello everyone!

Yesterday, we had snowday #5!  in 3 weeks!  can you believe it?  and it's snowing this morning as well. ahhh! and we're supposed to be getting 2 more storms by the end of the week!  #snowpocalypsemarathon

Anyway, with all of this extra time I've been having, I decided that I want to start a new monthly series spotlighting my favorite Doterra essential oils here on the blog.  I've been using the essential oils for a year and a half or so, and have really fallen in love with them!  There are a few different posts I've done already on different oils and you can see them here, here, and here!

Today's star of the show is...

This is a blend for women, and is supposed to be there for you during that time of the month, if you catch my drift. So if you're a man reading this, you probably won't need this.. unless you have a significant other (or really any woman in your life) who struggles every. single. month. ooh the perks of being a woman. Now, what is to follow might be TMI for some of you, so if you aren't comfortable with the period talk, you may not want to continue.

So, not every woman struggles every month, but I have been known to basically die (from cramps) when that time of the month came around. It also makes me nauseated at times, faint some other times.. and generally just completely miserable.  The only way I could get through my cycle somewhat mobile used to be to pop Advil like candy. No other drugs ever worked for me, and I'm not sure why, but only Advil worked ever.  

Anyway, if any of the above mentioned symptoms sound familiar to you, then ClaryCalm blend might be something you may want to try.  Yvonne, the friend who introduced me to Doterra, gave this blend for me to try, and I have to say, I was extremely skeptical at first.  I mean, I had tried so many different drugs, and nothing had ever worked, so I was just planning on single handedly keeping Advil in business for the rest of my life.   BUT!  I was on a trip in Taiwan when my period completely surprised me out of the blue. I was dying, I didn't have Advil (oh the joys of irregular cycles), but I happened to have this one because it was in my little oils bag, so I decided to give this a try (I mean, I was pretty desperate).  Now, it didn't take the pain completely away, but it helped so much!  I was able to walk around Taiwan without doubling over from the pain, and that is a huge accomplishment for the little bottle!  

Since then, I've been using this religiously every time the cycle comes around, and during some months, I can get by without having to use Advil at all.  what?!  I still use Advil when the pain is unbearable, but on average, I take about 4-5 pills per cycle now compared to about 24 pills or more it used to be before ClaryCalm came into my life.  

Like any other oils/medicine/drug, it may work better for some people than others, so I can't say that this will work as well for you as it has for me.  However, I have given it to a couple of my friends during their time of the month, and they have all reported positive results!  The Doterra site says that this blend is made of 'clary sage, lavender, bergamot, Roman chamomile, cedarwood, ylang ylang, geranium, fennel, carrot seed, palmarosa, and vitex', and that this blend 'balances hormones, manages symptoms of PMS and the transitional phases of menopause'.  Now, can't say first hand that it does all of those things (obviously), but I have noticed that my cycle has become more regular.  It used to be completely unpredictable, but now, I can guess when they are coming, and that is so. nice! Ladies out there who have regular cycles, you are so. lucky!  

Anyway maybe my body and this blend just really like one another, and that's why I've seen such fantastic results, but I'm not complaining!  Also, the blend smells really nice, which is a plus, and my friends have said that the smell really soothes them during that time.  It's like chocolate, but not as fattening.  haha.  However, the downside is that David is starting to associate the scent as my 'period scent'...  calling it that suddenly makes it seem really,,, unsexy and just plain weird.. and I'm not really thrilled to have a 'period scent'.. but at least it smells nice and he likes the smell..?  yeah, no. it's still weird.  

So, if you are struggling every month, and decide to try ClaryCalm, I hope that it will alleviate some of your miserable symptoms!  Please let me know if you try it out, and if you have other tips and tricks that you employ to get through that time of the month!

Hopefully this wasn't too TMI for you  haha.  Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful rest of the week!

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