Monday, October 27, 2014

The Calm Before the Storm

Hello everyone!

I am almost done with the crazy couple of weeks I've been having, and today is quite blissfully chill.  I only have about 7 hours of things I have to do today, so other than practicing, I decided to catch up on the blog, write some emails that need to be written, etc.  Though I do have an orchestra concert tonight, this week is going to be the calm before the storm that is about to hit next week.... next week is my first recital here at Boston University, and I CAN'T BELIEVE IT IS SO SOON!!!!  Freaking out a little bit here...  but that's ok.. I still have a little bit of time to memorize and polish everything...  But anyway, if you are in Boston, I would love to see you at Boston University College of Fine Arts Concert Hall on November 7th at 8:30 PM for my recital!  =D

Anyway, for the pas couple of weeks, I have been able to do a bit of exploring in between practicing and rehearsing sessions!

A bit of different side of Boston from where Boston University is located  haha 

hanging out with this lovely lady

social dancing at MIT and finding a little bit of Rice  =)

hanging out with an old friend (like.. waay back to our teenage years) and eating some Thai food!

oh, this is Boston Phil, but I had to take a picture of all of the college students huddled around the food during a break  haha

and lastly, MONTAGE!!
It's a dance recital the BU Ballroom hosts every year, and I am so glad I got to catch half of it after the Boston Phil Concert!

It was so fun to see all of the different groups, like this hip hop group!  i kept looking for my baby bro there because he's in a similar dance team at his school as well haha

and of course, cheering on these lovely folks who danced their hearts out  =)  it was so much fun to watch, and I was so proud!!  haha

after the show, we all went to the Sunset Cantina to celebrate! I've been eating really healthy lately, mostly because I simply don't have time to cook and so smoothies and over-night oats are all I can have...  The other day, I had a dream about eating pizza, so I figured a little eating out was in order!
and this plate of nachos was so. freaking. good.  pulled pork nachos all the way!

If you want to watch a little bit of Paso Doble action from Montage, go ahead and click the video box above!  =)

thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful week!

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