Friday, June 6, 2014

Busan Travels

Hello everyone!

I have a lot of family in Busan as well as in Seoul, so we took the KTX (bullet train) down south to visit Busan for a couple of days.  The train is pretty comfortable, it only takes about 3 hours, and the scenery is beeaauutiiful, so it was a really pleasant trip.  =)

We spent the first day eating (like,, soo much eating) and walking around multiple markets in Busan with my cousins.
ma boys!!

The first market we visited was huge! it seemed like it went on for miles!  Each block or section was designated for a certain kind of merchandise, so we had fun going around exploring each section.

here's a stall in the Kimchi section (Korea has more than 60 different kinds of Kimchi!)

some more food stalls

cross section of clothes and kitchen oriented sections

At desserts section, we decided to try out the honeycomb ice cream!  
Apparently this is really popular in Korea right now, and isn't it so interesting?  I was super excited to try it, but I think the idea of it was better than the execution, per say, because for me, the whole dessert was way too sweet..  It looked awesome though. 

After we walked around for a bit longer in the blazing heat, we went to go try Seul-Bing.  It's a remake of the traditional Korean shaved ice, and is also very popular in Korea right now.

The shaved ice comes with this toast sandwich thing that has Korean traditional sweet rice cake-esq thing in the middle, and it was really good!  I guess fusion cuisine is really popular right now, and it was very interesting to try  =)

While the Seul-Bing was a nice break from the heat, we felt the need to burn off some of the calories, so back we went, out into the heat.
This time, it was to the fish market, and boy oh boy, was it a whole new world..!
I love going to the Pike's Place Market in Seattle which has a lot of seafood, so I thought nothing would be new to me, but I was most definitely mistaken.

First of all, the pure size of the market seemed to dwarf Pike Place..

But it could have also seemed like that not necessarily because of the size of the market, but because of the sheer amount of fish that was being sold

or maybe the variety..

It was really fascinating walking around the market and marveling at all of the different kinds of fish (and other edibles that none of us knew existed) from the sea.

some of us also got pretty brave and shook hands with an octopus as well  ;)

Having had our fill of the oceanic creatures, we headed back home through the market where we met this cute little fellow faithfully guarding his owner's shop  ;)

At this point, we weren't particularly hungry (actually, more like not hungry at. all.), but we ran into this food truck, and apparently it's another food item that is uber popular in Korea, so the cousins insisted that we try.  Seed Hodduck!

Apparently, there's usually a line that wraps around the market, but since it was a week day, we didn't have to wait very long  =)

The verdict?  ok, yeah, it's pretty good, even when we were all full from all of the other sweets  =p
My cousin should be the poster child for the Seed Hodduck, don't you think?  ;)  haha

It was such a wonderful day catching up with my cousins, walking around different markets, trying all sorts of popular foods in Busan, and never, ever being hungry all day.  Actually, I can't remember a time when we weren't full from all of the street food we kept trying  haha.  

They say that when you're in Busan, you have to eat, and I definitely suggest that you do just that when you're there!  you can always lose weight when your vacation is over, right?  please tell me that's the case..  my pants don't fit me anymore!  haha  ;)
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