Sunday, April 27, 2014

Last Week of Classes at Rice!

Hello everyone!

I am officially done with my Master's degree!!  No more school until... this fall!  haha 
While I am super excited to be attending Boston University this fall for my doctorate degree, there is so much that I am going to miss about Rice.  Of course, the amazingly talented peers and wonderful teachers I've had the chance to work with here, the incredible symphony that I got to play with these two years, the beautiful campus, the friendships, dancing...  but I want to discuss them one at a time in reverse chronological order.

The most recent thing that happened (on Friday) that I am going to miss, is the Shepherd Symphony. I am still in awe of the last symphony concert in which we played Don Juan, Dvorak Cello Concerto, and Daphnis and Chloe suites 1 and 2.  I mean.  Wow.  What a concert that was.  Really, I have never played in a better symphony orchestra, and now that it's over, it's finally sinking in just how lucky I have been these two years to play in such an incredible ensemble.

Right before that concert took place on Friday, I took this picture on my way home from the dress rehearsal for that concert.  That rehearsal was the last class of my Master's degree, and I was getting a bit sentimental as I walked home for the last time...  I am going to miss this pretty school of mine  =)  I haven't been to the BU campus (only the music building) but I'm not sure that it can top this beauuutifulness of Rice University  =p  I mean, Just look at this scenery.  and it's just a little strip of walkway that leads to my apartment!  other parts of Rice are much more beautiful that this  =)

Another thing I'm going to miss a lot is our studio!  Mr. Lin's studio 2013-2014.  What a special studio we've had  =)  It was a pretty small studio (only 9 of us!) so we've enjoyed countless random talks that all of a sudden became our 'Mr. Lin's studio class' or 'Mr. Lin's studio therapy session'.  I mean, when you have 4-5 people from the same studio talking (which makes it more than half of our studio), it automatically becomes Mr. Lin's studio something or other.  And of course, Mr. Lin himself.  I have seriously never worked or been stressed out so much about violin in my life, but probably because of that fact, I have learned and improved so much during my time here.  =)

On Tuesday, we had our final studio recital, and more importantly, our studio party!  Everyone played beautifully at the recital, but let's be real, we were all ready for the party, especially after that 2.25 hours-long recital.  I think it broke the record as the longest studio recital ever?  but it was all worth it because we got to Mr. Lin's house for the party and were greeted with this amazingness. 

Thank you so much Mrs. Lin for cooking up this amazingness for us.  every single thing on that plate tasted even better than how incredible it looks.  And all of us went back for seconds.  and maybe thirds..

And then we just talked (until almost midnight!) and thoroughly enjoyed each other's company..

some cuddle time with two furry, four legged creatures also helped!  In heaven.  yup.
our studio picture!!!

What a great night!  Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Lin for being so generous, opening up your home to us, and feeding us sooo much food!  =)

Another thing I'm going to miss a lot is of course, my roomy, Amulet  =)  and going on double dates together with our guys, Chris and David!
We can always count on Amulet and Chris to drag us homebodies out and introduce us to new restaurants!  Here we are trying Banana Leaf, a Malaysian restaurant, together  =)  It was quite good, and we would highly recommend it, especially if you have the Groupon!

And whenever we are in that shopping center, we always go for some shaved ice!  This time it was peanut butter flavored shave ice with some brownies and banana chunks!

and yup, it disappeared in a blink of an eye... so yummy!

and last but not least!!!  my guy.  of course I'm going to miss this one, how could I not?  especially when he has a rose (that he bought for me for our dance routine) in his mouth  ;)
it's going to be a long year of long distance-ing, but I'm just not going to think about that until the fall because we have an epic Asia tour planned for the summer!  We are going to be visiting our families in Korea and Taiwan as soon as I graduate, and I cannot wait!! it's going to be sooo much fun  =D

so it's been incredible 2 years Rice!  Thanks for everything, and I will treasure all of the experiences, lessons, and relationships I have been blessed with here for many, many years to come  =)

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great week!

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