Saturday, April 19, 2014

Amulet's birthday!!

Hello everyone!

Today is Amulet's Birthday!!  
To celebrate, we went and visited St. Arnold Brewery here in Houston.  I don't drink, and David rarely drinks, so we've never visited anywhere like it, and it was definitely an experience!

You walk through these giant ornate doors, and walk up the staircase that reminded David of his elementary school and me of a prison, and then you are at the 'Beer Hall'!  For $8, you get 4 tokens (for 4 glasses of beer usually) and a St. Arnold Brewery cup.

On either side of the hall, you can exchange your beer token for a beer, or in my case, root beer, and then you can go back to your table and hang out with your peeps, eat some food, play games, and enjoy the general chaos and the beer.

We brought some cake, chips and guac, and some other finger foods, and played some board games!
With the birthday girl!  =D

The boys getting really into the game (and the food  haha)

It was such a fun afternoon playing games with wonderful company, and celebrating the roomy's birthday!

So, Happy Birthday Amulet! Hope it was a wonderful one!
(Sorry the camera focused on the balloons and not yo face.. still learning how to use the camera, obviously  haha  =p)


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