Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Night In!

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!
Unlike last year, we actually got to celebrate it on the actual day!
I did end up having to be at school until 7, but we celebrated afterwards with a homemade dinner and a spa night!  For our dinner, we decided to do an Italian themed dinner with some bruschetta and spaghetti, all made from scratch.  We tend to have a bit of difficulty going out to eat if it's something that we can easily make at home, and since we were craving Italian cuisine, we knew making it ourselves would be much more fun and romantic for two kitchen nerds like us  ;)

so a couple of days before, we prepared the bread for the bruschetta!

mmmmm  jalapeno cheddar bread made from scratch and baked in our dutch oven!!  recipe here.

and in the process of being turned into the most amazing bruschetta!
and TADA!!!!

 It tasted soo amazing.  and I love how it looks all colorful and happy as well  =D

and we made the spaghetti sauce from scratch as well!
nothing too terribly exciting; just adding different ingredients and simmering for a whole day...  but it tasted incredible!  much better than any restaurant spaghetti sauces we've tried  ;)

and dinner is served!!

and then, of course, we had to have dessert.  so we made some cookies!  some aged chocolate chip cookies (I'll elaborate later in another post  haha!)   and it tasted amazing!  we are total fans of aging cookies.  mm hmm.

and we made a heart shaped one too because if you can't be cheesy like that on Valentine's Day, then when can you, eh?  but as you can see,,, it didn't turn out quite as we expected  haha

Before we started the movie, we decided to open our gifts, and!!!!!  this was in the bag David got me!!!  A new spiffy camera!!!   he knows me so well  =D  all of my blog photos have been being taken with the iphone 5, and while it has been ok, it is definitely not the best.  I've been meaning to invest in a better camera for awhile now, and he got it for me!  Such a thoughtful guy, and I am so blessed to have him in my life  =)

I got him a robe because he's always wearing a parka in his apartment when it gets a bit chilly (warm? yes.  comfy? no.), and also because we wanted to do a spa night, and you can't do a spa night without a fluffy robe!

so here he is modeling the robe and showing how he feels about putting green substance on his face  haha

and the transformation!!

yes, it may look weird, but it feels sooo nice when you wash it all off!

Then, we watched the movie Before Sunset to wrap off the night.  We really enjoyed Before Sunrise (the first of that trilogy) but we weren't as enamored with the second installment... we'll have to see how we like Before Midnight!  have you guys watched this series?  Did you enjoy it?

Anyway, we had a wonderful Valentine's Day, and we hope you all had a wonderful day as well!

 Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful weekend!

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