Saturday, December 28, 2013

My First Gingerbread House and Double Dates!

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying the holidays so far!  Before we all left Houston, Amulet & Chris and David & I got together for a little gingerbread house making!  
I have actually never made a gingerbread house before, so I thought we had to make everything from scratch (which would have been soo much work), but thankfully, Trader Joe's came to the rescue and all we had to do was play Lego!  so convenient!  and having two musicians and two engineers (or more importantly, boys) in the mix meant that the gingerbread house decorations became quite creative in the process  ;)

So here is the final product, complete with little sugar people in all sorts of places!

and the process!  with a whole lot of puppies! the best way to do just about anything in our opinion!

and some detail shots  ;)

I have to say, I did want to try eating it, you know, just to see if it actually tasted good, but once you finish the house, I found that it's pretty difficult to put a bite mark in it  haha!  We all left for our respective homes for break pretty soon thereafter, so I'm not sure if it's still standing all by its lonesome at our apartment or not... I guess I'll find out soon enough when I go back!

So that was one of our last double dates together, but here are a couple of others that happened during the month of December.
Have you guys seen that episode in 'How I met Your Mother' where Lilly and Marshall try to find a couple so they can have 'couple friends' to hang out with?  We totally get it now.  Since Amulet and I are room mates, it's kind of like we have a built-in double date couple, and it's been so nice!  no 3rd wheels here!  So we've been taking full advantage of the situation and visiting different eateries around Houston together!

On one of our double dates, David and I introduced Amulet and Chris to one of our favorite udon places in Houston--Nippon!  We've been there before, as seen here, and it's just the best place to visit on a chilly Houston evening! 

Another place we visited was an Asian fusion restaurant/bar/lounge called Ambrosia.  Amulet and Chris discovered it tucked away in a little neighborhood, so we went to go try it together.  They are definitely the more adventurous of the two couples in terms of eating out--David and I are more of a stay-in-and-cook kind of a couple--so it's been fun to expand our Houston eatery repertoire  ;)

It was such a cool little tapas kind of a place with awesome atmosphere and really interesting dishes, and we had a lot of fun ordering a bunch of different dishes and sharing.  They were all really delicious, though some are quite spicy, so make sure to ask the waiter about the spicyness level! It was a really fun double date, but it would also be a wonderful date spot, so gentlemen, if you are looking for somewhere to take your lady in Houston, give this one a shot  ;)

I can't wait for all four of us to be back in Houston for some more double dating action soon  ;)

Happy rest of the holiday season, and thanks for stopping by!

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