Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Italian Girl in Algiers!

Hello everyone,

Last night, a few of us visited the theater district to watch the opera, 
The Italian Girl in Algiers, as a part of Rice's Passport to Houston event!
(Karen is the co-chair for these series of events at Rice!  woot woot!)

I think we are developing our theater district tradition of enjoying an amazing dinner together at Lancaster before heading over to watch the show   =)
It was pretty funny going through the pictures from last night because they had so many similarities to the pictures taken from this night.
Oh deja vu moments,
like this one.

Last night                                                                                             Wicked Divas night
Karen and my Lancaster Hotel bathroom mirror pictures  lol

Enjoying wonderful dinner among amazing company  =)
David, Karen, Angel, Andriy, and me!

After the opera, which was pretty hilarious and quite audience friendly,
we attended the reception of potato-tinis.
I have never, ever, even heard of potato-tinis until last night  haha

so in case you have never heard of potato-tinis either,
it's mashed potatoes and assorted toppings that you can arrange in a martini glass!
I was a little skeptical about the concept at first because I was expecting it to be like a dessert,
(how do you make a dessert out of mashed potatoes..?)
but once I figured out it was geared more towards the savory side of the taste palette, 
I quite enjoyed them!   haha

Our photo shoot with the potato-tinis  =)
David, the not-so-secret admirer of the potato-tinis
and Karen, the wonderful hostess!

Enjoying the potato-tinis and the company

Classy peeps  =)

During the reception, we were introduced to two singers of the opera company who had attended Rice!!
They had major roles in the opera as well!
Yay for Shepherd School of Music!!

The whole crew!

hmm, a bit family photo-esq...  lol

On our way back to the car, we stumbled upon this statue!
it was a little creepy with the light shining in such a way, but it was pretty cool nonetheless.
It even had music playing-inside? behind? by?-the statue!

Thanks everyone for a great evening!
let's do it again soon  ;)

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