Sunday, December 6, 2015

Friendsgiving 2015

Hello everyone!

I've completely fallen off of the blogging wagon... there's just no time to blog anymore because whenever I have some semblance of free time, I end up sleeping  haha

However,  I wanted to try to have some documentation of our lives, so here we go!  A documentation of our Friendsgiving, a few weeks later  =)

The first year David and I became friends, we threw a huge friendsgiving and made our first Turduecken-hen to feed about 25 people.  For our first Thanksgiving together in Boston, we decided to try our hand at Turducken once more!  It was a smaller party, so we picked smaller birds, which made the process much more manageable. We even had enough room for everyone to sit around the table!

Our Thanksgiving spread!

so excited!!

Surprisingly, we did some damage to the Turducken!  we were a small, but a mighty force of eaters! haha

then, we played some board games to give our tummies some time to digest before we dug into the desserts!

Trivia is always a fun choice with a large group!  and so was Dixit!

I'm so thankful to have such stellar group of people around me  =)  My parents have always commented on how blessed I am to have the type of mentors and friends that I have wherever I go, and I could not agree more!   I am surrounded by some amazing folks.

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving with your loved ones, whether it was with your family, or with your 'chosen family'!  ;)


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