Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Green Thumb?

Hello everyone!

Growing up, I've always been surrounded by plants in the house because my mom has crazy green thumb skills. Unfortunately, I don't think I inherited her green thumb because I've already killed a bamboo plant during my undergrad years, and I've heard that those are virtually impossible to kill... you know me, always trying to do the impossible.. ha. ha..

Anyway, David and I are currently in the process of moving to a new place, and we have always talked about getting a puppy together.  Unfortunately, the apartment doesn't allow us to keep pets, so I thought maybe we'll try a plant baby together?

and that is how our first plant baby was born!

I did some research, and learned that succulents and cacti are also pretty impossible to kill.  Since I've already tried and killed the bamboo, I thought we'd try the other impossible-to-kill kind.

So I got all of the ingredients including the vase, potting soil, decorative rocks and sand, activated charcoal, and 3 different succulents, and got to work!

my new babies!

The process was really quite simple:
First, I put down some bigger rocks,

then, smaller rocks,

some activated charcoal,

then the succulents!

sigh.. my bangs never stay clipped back..  

the finished product!

Actually, I ended up putting down some white sand on top later, which also looked good.  However, I don't mind the way it looks just like this  =)

Wish us luck with our new plant baby!  Hopefully this one survives!
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