Monday, January 27, 2014

Life Lately,,,

Hello everyone!

I'm back!! and hopefully I will get to blog more than once a month now that my doctoral auditions are finally over!!  yup yup.  everything is now out of my hands, and all I have to do is wait...  and wait some more..  haha  not sure which part of this process is worse, really; the auditioning or the waiting.

As you can imagine, I spent most of my breathing moments in a practice room during this time, but I did manage to leave it once in a blue moon and capture some of these...

Like this one, on an incredibly beautiful day in Houston.  a welcome change from the Polar Vortex, eh?

and this one, on an impromptu ice cream date with the boy on another beautiful day before the winter storm hit Houston...  Choco taco!  haven't had one of these since,,, high school?  haha

Walking around Rice....

chillin on a bench while people/squirrel watching..

Little did we know that only a couple of days later, we would have ice, rain, snow, etc...  and that I would be in Austin, panicking about my cancelled audition...  which was not so bad in the end because I got to catch up with Grace, have In n Out, and enjoy having some time in Austin before coming back to Houston.

And would you believe it, one day later, it was nice enough for an ice cream date...

This yo-yo-ing of weather has really gotten my wardrobe confused  haha  I put my winter coat away, go around in my sandals one day, and the next day I have to take out my winter coat and put on my Uggs..  

We are projected to have another winter storm tomorrow (even though today is incredibly beautiful!) so we may have yet another snow day!  yay no school!  =D

I hope you are all either bundled up or enjoying this beautiful weather (probably both, if where you live is anything like Houston) and have a wonderful week!


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