Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Anniversary date misadventures!

Hello everyone!

Last week, David and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary!!
Is it just me, or does it seem like as we get older, pin pointing exactly what day a relationship started becomes more difficult?  At least in my case, this has been the case.  

It's especially true in David and my relationship because we met, became friends, then best friends, I went through my 'monkhood' (where I just really needed and wanted to be single), then everyone thought we should be dating, then everyone thought that we were dating, and then,, well, here we are.  You see?   where do you pinpoint the anniversary date?  So we just had to pick a date, and pick we did!  haha  it's a date somewhere between when everyone thought we should be dating and when everyone (including ourselves) thought that we were dating.

We actually gave our anniversary presents to each other a bit earlier than our actual anniversary because it was something that we thought would be useful for us in preparing for my recital reception.  And when we learned what we had gotten for one another, we just had to laugh.  the presents we gave each other? 

a stand mixer and a food processor...
haha.  we are such kitchen nerds!  but we were both so excited, and this is why we are together, I reckon  ;)
 AHHH we were so excited to put these to use, and we are both so in love with both of these!  And I think Amulet (my roomy) was just excited about them as we were  haha

So after nerding out pre-anniversary, we weren't really sure what to do for our actual anniversary.  Amulet and Chris (our double date couple of choice) highly recommended going to Giacomo's, so we decided to do that, and do something else afterwards.  The day of our anniversary came, and we still weren't sure what do do after dinner when David suggested going to the Houston Met Dance Company's show--I know! I wasn't the one dragging him to go see a dance performance!  He knows me so well  =).  So the evening was planned to be a smooth ride from dinner to show.

Well, it ended up being anything but a smooth ride.
First, David is in massive crunch time at work, so we were a little short on time to fit the dinner in before the show.  But we were going to try to make it work, so we headed off to Giacomo's anyway, planning on eating there for about half an hour before zooming off to the show.  We didn't expect the traffic to be so bad, but it was, and when we got there, we actually only had 20 min to eat.  Then, we couldn't find a parking spot, so we decided to just skip dinner and go to the show because we didn't want to be late to the show.  On the way there, we found out that the Bernie's Burger Bus (the first place we went to go eat together) was near where we were going, so we decided to do a quick dinner there before the show at Bernie's.  Well, after two wrong turns on the most confusingly laid out road, we had to scrap that plan as well, and go straight to the show.  The show was great, but towards the end (around 10 pm) I was beginning to get a stomach ache for lack of food because my lunch was at 11 am, so we left early to find a restaurant near there to have dinner. To top off the misadventures of the night, we took the wrong door out of the theater.  haha

Really, it could've been a scene in a movie with people yelling at each other and getting increasingly frustrated at every single thing that went wrong (because really, every single thing we planned ended up going somewhat awry), but what I really appreciate about David is that he's so calm about everything.  There was no road rage, no frustration at the circumstances,,  we just went from one foiled plan to another without missing a beat, and in the end, we had a great anniversary date together =)

so here are some pictures at the gorgeous Wortham theater where the show was happening.

We were there early for the show (which never happens) so we had a chance to look around and find cool little nooks in the theater like this cool little bar/room.

The show was wonderful (I felt a little like I was back in Modern Dance class I took in undergrad  haha)

and!  our dinner at Little Napoli of lamb chops, spinach & artichoke dip was delicious!!

Despite having everything that could have gone wrong, go wrong, it was a wonderful night spent together, talking about anything and everything, reminiscing about our year together, and discussing our hopes and dreams for the future.  =)  Could not, and would not, have asked for a better night!  ;) 

and I leave you with a quote by Rober Fulghum

“We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness—and call it love—true love.”

I'm glad I found someone who would do lamb chop cheers with me without missing a beat!  ;) 

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday, and thanks for stopping by!

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