Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Houston Greek Festival!!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the weekly Tuesday blog post!  haha  
I'm really not sure how I managed to blog multiple times a week last year...  but I am definitely busier this year with the doctoral audition prep and!!! my recital that is happening in less than a month!!!  AAHHH  I can't believe it's coming up so soon!  and the preview is in exactly 2 weeks!!  this preview business is something that Rice does that still really throws me for the loop.  It's like your recital date is actually that much earlier because everything has to be ready to go and in top shape by your preview!  For someone like me who likes to cram at the last minute, the previews are like the most stressful things ever!  haha  anyway, I had my recital last year during the spring semester, and moving it up to the fall semester has definitely amped up my work level this semester...  I even got a violin hicky for the first time in my life!  (if you don't know what a violin hicky is, it's the dark spot on virtually every violinist's neck where the violin chinrest rubs against the skin.  and sometimes, it looks strikingly like a hicky that you would get from.. not a violin)

Anyway, enough about work and practicing!  to keep myself sane (because I have a tendency to be totally fine with stress, or think I'm fine with it, until it piles up, and then I give myself ulcers or insomnia out of the blue) I've been trying to fit in non violin activities regularly.  It's good for the mind and the soul to get out of the practice room every now and again.  and what's more perfect for a practice break than a Greek Festival!!  We had so much fun at the Polish Harvest Festival that we decided to give the Greek one a try too  ;)

The festival was held at the Greek Orthodox Church, and let me tell you, it was insane how big this festival was!

not only is this their 47th year of doing the festival, but it's also held for 4 days!!  this has to be the biggest cultural festival I've attended, and even on Saturday night (3rd day of the festival) it was packed!

after being overwhelmed for a bit, we made our way to the Souvlaki stand because the line looked the shortest and we couldn't find the gyro stand  haha

 look at this intense grilling that's going on here!

It was really delicious, and of course, we had to try to eat it in the most barbaric manner because, I mean, how else do you eat a kabob?  eating in style is serious business people!  ;)

We had to finish the Souvlaki quickly because we wanted to catch the Greek dance performance, and at the last minute we realized that we couldn't bring food or drinks into the performance space.  Good thing we didn't buy a whole lot of food until after the performance! haha

I had been to a couple of different Greek festivals before because my friend Alexios is Greek (as I'm sure you could tell by his name  ;)  haha) and it was really interesting to me that I recognized some of the dances and the songs!

So many colorful costumes and different styles of dancing!  After thoroughly enjoying the show, we headed back out to get more food!  Most importantly, I was on the hunt for some gyros!  Ahhh I love me some gyros!  I know they're not the healthiest for you, but who cares, you're at a Greek Festival!  oh, and you can't forget Baklava! oh my goodness, I was so excited for these two, as you can tell by the photos I'm sure  haha

 and I have to say, the Gyros did not disappoint!  it was so good that David didn't even realize he had some of the sauce on his nose  =p

We also tried this rice pudding thing that was really good as well, but I'm not sure what it is called..

It was such a fun time, and we both left with full, happy tummies, and sore throats from yelling 'Opa!' so many times  =)

Well, back to practicing I go!
I hope you all had an amazing weekend as well, and thanks for stopping by!

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